IV Kühlsystem, IKAS Wangen, Kühlturm
IV Kühlsystem, IKAS Wangen, Kühlturm

Turbo chillers, cooling towers, heat pumps and heat recovery systems

Cooling machines - Cooling towers - Heat pumps Planning of cooling towers and cooling systems and heat recovery

We manufacture cooling towers made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, usually in one- or two-cell designs. These are the so-called open wet cooling towers, which are used in several industrial cooling applications or for customised system solutions. In addition to open wet cooling towers, closed cooling variants are also used, especially if contamination in the system circuit needs to be prevented or a medium other than pure water needs to be cooled.

Evaporative coolers and hybrid cooling towers are two possible cooling tower variants that belong to closed cooling systems. Regardless of which variant is used, all are based on the heat/matter exchange and evaporation principle.


The planning of our cooling tower systems is well thought-out and offers our customers optimal energy saving opportunities. The optimal combination of intelligent energy management and peripherals is a prerequisite for economical cooling tower operation.

The cooling machines we offer are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Cooling machines with oil-free turbo technology or frequency-controlled piston compressors. The same also applies to standard water cooling systems, which are responsible for the lower power range. We focus on quality and reliability.

Turbo chillers are manufactured individually and precisely according to customer specifications. The machines are highly economical, productive and compact. As a water-cooled chiller or as an air-cooled water chiller with Thermo-Siphon-System and free cooling option

Cooling towers, Cooling machines, Hybrid and dry cooling systems, we work with products of the highest quality and reliability

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